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Chapter Eight: The Burial is the eighth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the eighth episode of the series overall.


A disaster rattles the Greendale community. Desperate to help, Sabrina attempts a new kind of dark magic—with the assistance of an unusual ally.



Guest Starring

Co Starring

  • Kimi Alexander as Female Coven Choir #2
  • Carmel Amit as Mildred
  • Anastasia Badey as Dorothea Putnam
  • Peter Bundic as Carl Tapper
  • Maria Epih as Witch #2
  • Eunice Kang as Female Coven Choir #4
  • Cynthia Mendez as Female Coven Choir #3
  • Moses Thiessen as Ben The Pizza Kid
  • Arielle Tuliao as Female Coven Choir #1
  • Anita Wittenberg as Witch #1
  • Ty Wood as Billy Marlin


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