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Chapter Four: Witch Academy is the fourth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the fourth episode of the series overall.


Sabrina takes a weekend trip. Father Blackwood poses a pivotal question. Roz and Susie stage an impromptu—and unnerving—sleepover.


Sabrina and her friends are at the comic book shop discussing movies. Susie tells them that her dad is going out of town for the weekend to the farm expo. Roz suggests that they have a girls' night. Susie is hesitant. Roz tries to get Sabrina to back her up. Sabrina lies to her friends and tells them that she too is going to the expo.

Ambrose watches as Sabrina begins to pack for her three-day stay over at the Academy of Unseen Arts. He tries to console her by telling her about all the new people she's going to meet. Sabrina says that her only agenda is to learn how to conjure, bind, and banish the Dark Lord.

Hilda gives Sabrina some protection charms because she knows how cruel girls can be. She then suggests that Sabrina could take Salem to the Academy,Zelda Says that only babies and ninnies take their familiars to school. Zelda tells Sabrina about how her years at the academy were the best of her life. She remembers the books she read and the friendships she cultivated, Zelda also tells Sabrina that she and Edward constantly argued about philosophy's, Sabrina counters that she and Edward were on the same page about signing Sabrina's name in the Book of the Beast.

Zelda drops Sabrina off at the academy. Waiting for her is a little boy named Quentin. He leads her to Father Blackwood's office. There she receives her schedule but isn't happy with what she's been given. Sabrina asks about Conjuring or Demonology classes but Blackwood says that she must fulfill the academy's general requirements first.

He takes her to choir class where his wife, Constance Blackwood, is teaching. Lady Blackwood asks Sabrina to sing a few verses for her, after she does Lady Blackwood comments that Prudence finally has some competition.

At lunch, Sabrina sits at a table with Nicholas Scratch. Nick tells her that she's reading her father's journals. Nick says that he thinks Edward was brilliant. The Weird Sisters appear and Sabrina invites them to join their table. Prudence gives Sabrina a hard time for having a mortal boyfriend and running from her Dark Baptism. Nick offers to walk Sabrina to her next class and Sabrina accepts.

Meanwhile, at Susie's house, she and Roz are watching Carnival of Souls. Suddenly, a bell rings from somewhere upstairs and Susie explains that it's her sick uncle calling because he needs something. They both go upstairs to check on him. Horrified, Rosalind asks what happened to him. Susie tells her that her Uncle Jesse saw something in the mines and that's why he's sick. Susie asks if Roz will stay with her for the rest of the weekend and Roz says she will.

Sabrina wakes up in the middle of the night in the Witch's cell. The Weird Sisters have put her in there for the Harrowing, a witch tradition. Sabrina has to survive the night. The next morning the Weird Sisters open the door and find Sabrina shaking. She turns around and smiles at them. She introduces them to Salem who'd snuck into the cell in the middle of the night to protect and comfort her.

Sabrina calls Harvey and tells him that she hates being at the expo but that talking to him is helping. Later, Sabrina comes out of the shower and finds that Salem is missing. She asks the Weird Sisters where they've hidden him and gets into a fight with Prudence. Father Blackwood interrupts the fight and tells Sabrina to come to his office. He is holding a pet kennel revealing that the reason Salem is gone is that he was informed about Salem.

Zelda and Sabrina have a meeting with Father Blackwood. The High Priest tells Sabina that familiars are not allowed at the Academy and that as such Zelda must take Salem home with her. Blackwood also asks Sabrina if she's happy at the Academy. Zelda believes she is but Blackwood doubts it as Sabrina has been complaining about her schedule. Zelda asks Sabrina what that is about. When Sabrina tells her what classes she's been given, Zelda agrees with Sabrina's complaints on the grounds that she's not being challenged. Sabrina tells Zelda that she wanted to study conjuring but Blackwood says that it's too dangerous for her. Zelda tells him to test her so he pulls out an Acheron Configuration. It belonged to Edward Spellman. Blackwood tells her that if she can solve that puzzle then she can take the classes that she wishes. After she leaves, Blackwood asks Zelda to be his wife's midwife because she's miscarried twice before. Zelda agrees although she hasn't helped with a child's birth in years.

Sabrina goes outside the academy and talks to Nick. He reveals that he dated the Weird Sisters. He asks about the rubik cube and she explains the deal she made with Blackwood. Nick tells her that this particular cube belonged to Edward and that Blackwood has been trying to solve it for years. Sabrina asks him to sneak her into the library so that she can read one of her father's journals. Nick says that they'll get caught and be expelled. Sabrina doesn't think she'd be expelled but her stay would be extended for longer. Nick asks if that's such a bad thing before Sabrina leaves.

Meanwhile, Roz tells Harvey about Susie's uncle and how he saw something in the mines. Ambrose tells Hilda about Luke and how he invited him out on a date. He says that he's going to astral project himself to the coffee shop...with her help. At first, Hilda says no it's too dangerous. But after Zelda leaves to go have dinner with the high priest, Hilda decides to do it.

Prudence enters the office with Stolas she says that he spied on them, in the girls shower Father Blackwood tells her that he will take care of the bird. After Prudence is out of earshot he asks Miss Wardwell if he should kill the Raven or that Miss Wardwell removes it and herself, she tells him that Stolas doesn't like being in a cage and that Sabrina is under her protection. Father Blackwood tells Ms. Wardwell that because Sabrina is away at the academy maybe she should use this time to have some fun with her friends and Aunts.

Hilda places candles around Ambrose while he lays atop a surgical table. Ambrose is given 20 minutes to astral project. She is watching over his body when the doorbell rings. It's Ms. Wardwell and she's come to make some funeral arrangements. Hilda puts her in the waiting room while she goes back downstairs. Meanwhile, Ms. Wardwell explores the Spellman house and casts spells on the mirrors. Zelda arrives home just in time to escort Ms. Wardwell out of the house and discover what Ambrose and Hilda were doing. Ambrose returns and Zelda reprimands him for astral projecting since he's been bound to the house.

Sabrina is taken again from her bed and left in a field by the Weird Sisters. They told her that if she turned around she'll die. She hears strange things throughout the night but doesn't turn around. In the morning, Quentin is there to escort her back to the academy. Sabrina tells him that the woods aren't safe for him. Quentin shows her his gravestone and tells her that there is nothing out there that can hurt him anymore. Sabrina calls her Aunties. She tells them how students are being harrowed to death by other students. They tell her that they'll be right there. Zelda meets with Father Blackwood and he says that he'll look into it. Zelda has Sabrina take them to the children. Zelda asks the children what they want and Hilda says that she thinks she knows what they want. They want permission to do something about what happened to them.

Harvey goes over to Susie's with Roz. Harvey asks Susie why he didn't talk about his uncle and Susie replies that his father forbade him from mentioning it and because Harvey's father owns the mines that made him sick. Harvey goes up to talk to Jesse who attacks Harvey and Susie has to knock him out to get him to stop. Back at the Spellman Mortuary, Zelda apologizes to Hilda for being ruthless during Hilda's harrowing. The Weird Sisters take Sabrina to the tree where they are going to hang Sabrina. Instead, the children end up hanging the Weird Sisters. Sabrina tells them that there will no longer be any harrowing before having the children release the sisters. Harvey, Susie, and Roz decide to go back upstairs to check if Uncle Jesse is okay.

Sabrina's immersion is up so she says good-bye to Quentin as she leaves. Nick gives her one of her father's journals so that she can get to know her father. Prudence is called into Father Blackwood's office. He yells at her for being bested by a hedge Witch without any formal education. He tells her that the Dark Lord wants her at the academy but he never said she shouldn't suffer while being here. Ms. Wardwell spies on Sabrina through her mirror. Sabrina talks to Harvey on the phone and they discuss their weekends. Harvey wants to come over but Sabrina tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. Sabrina manages to solve her father's cube after having read his journal. It opens and red dust spills everywhere. Outside of her room, there is a loud noise and the door to her room bursts open. A demon stands there and slowly approaches. Sabrina screams.


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