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Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman is the third episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the third episode of the series overall.


As Sabrina confronts a long line of family secrets, Harvey faces turmoil at home—and shares a secret of his own.


Sabrina rushes out of the principal's office and into the girl's bathroom where she throws up. Ms. Wardwell is there to comfort her and offers to call her Aunties to come pick her up. Sabrina quickly leaves the ladies room. Back at the Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose finds an iguana on one of the caskets. He asks the Aunties how to get another witches familiar to talk but Zelda says that it'll be dead soon because it can't live without its master.

Sabrina is still in shock when Harvey, Roz, and Susie come to sit with her on the stairs. Roz is upset because one of her teachers denied her book choice for an assignment. Susie asks what can WICCA, their new club, do to help. They take the matter to principal Hawthorne. He tells them that the book she proposed has very graphic passages and that this is a public school where they must keep certain topics away from impressionable minds. Upset and outraged, Roz storms off to the library with her friends in tow. There they look up other banned books and learn that there was a library cleansing a little while back.

Sabrina receives an Infernal Summons after having fled from her baptism. She is charged with being in breach of promise. This has led to the whole family being stripped of their powers. Both Zelda and Hilda begin to age rapidly. This is because they are her legal guardians and Sabrina's actions are their actions so they are considered as guilty as she is. Ambrose points out that in witch court you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Later, Ambrose gives Sabrina a card for a man named Daniel Webster. He's a human lawyer well versed in witch law. Zelda goes to see Father Blackwood and asks if they can settle this matter between themselves. Father Blackwood takes hold of her hand and tells her to have Sabrina beg for forgiveness. She leaves and Ms. Wardwell arrives. He blames her for not getting Sabrina to sign the book. She tells him that she got her to the alter and that it was his fault he didn't get the signature.

Sabrina goes to visit Webster but he is quick to turn her away. He tells her that he doesn't practice law anymore and slams the door in her face. Harvey shows Tommy his drawings. He tells him that he also showed them to Dr. Cerebrus and that he offered to let him work in the store on the weekends. His dad overhears their conversation. He tells Harvey that if he wants a job then he's going to come to take a shift at the mines.

Sabrina and her Aunties arrive at court where Father Blackwood presides over the trial. Suddenly, Webster strides into the courtroom, having had a change of heart, and declares that Sabrina isn't guilty. Sabrina learns that he decided to help her because he knew her father. Edward Spellman had helped Webster out back in the day so he wanted to return the favour.

During the trial, Father Blackwood pulls out the Book of the Beast and has Sabrina read from a passage. It's revealed that Sabrina's name has already been written in the book and that it was added three days after she was born. Webster protests because how could a baby have written her name in the book. Father Blackwood calls Zelda to the stand where she reveals that Sabrina's father had written Sabrina's name in the book in exchange for the Dark Lord's blessing to marry her mother.

Sabrina is upset about the whole situation and can't believe that her Aunt let her father sell her soul to the devil. Webster gets a visit from Ms. Wardwell disguised as Webster's dead daughter. Sabrina and Harvey walk through the woods. Harvey tells her about the thing that he saw lurking in the mineshaft as a kid. Sabrina and Harvey arrive at school where Roz and Susie are handing out flyers. Principal Hawthorne tells Roz that he took the book matter to the PTA and school board. He's supposed to hear back from them tomorrow.

Ambrose is at Connor's funeral when he meets Luke, he dated Connor occasionally. He offers to show Luke Connor's iguana but Luke says another time. Sabrina finds a book full of Webster's past cases. She goes and confronts him. He tells her that he too made a deal with the devil and signed his name away in order to become the best lawyer. It came at a cost though as he was only given bad cases and defended only murders, rapists, etc. Because of his deal, his daughter was killed by one of the murders that he helped get off. Webster grabs Sabrina's hand and tells her that he can help her get off. It's a longshot but he'd like to try--if she'll let him. At the trial that night, he demands that Sabrina get a new trial with a mortal jury.

Ambrose is in his room when Luke appears. Luke confirms that he's a warlock and that Connor was as well. The two embrace and begin to kiss. Father Blackwood tells the court that since they want to play by mortal laws then they'll either drop Sabrina into the river and see if she floats or look for a witches mark upon her body. Back at the mortuary, the Spellman's receive an unexpected visit from Blackwood. He comes to tell them that the Dark Lord has offered a deal: that he'll allow her yearly visits with her mortal friends but she must attend the Academy of Unseen Arts. Webster says that the deal is a trick.

Ambrose wakes up to find that Luke is gone and that the iguana he was taking care of is dead. Sabrina asks Harvey to look for a birthmark on her body. He readily agrees and even removes his own shirt to make her more comfortable. Sabrina arrives at school where she learns that the PTA has agreed to hold a town meeting where they can present their case to the school three months. Roz says she doesn't have three months because she might be blind by then. Harvey goes to the mines with Tommy for his shift. Harvey can't make himself go in there so Tommy sends him home.

Sabrina tells her Aunts, Ambrose, and Webster that she will submit for the court to look and see if she has a witches mark. Hilda is upset about the whole situation and goes upstairs to retrieve a baby record book. Harvey's dad is upset with Harvey for not working in the mines. Tommy tells him that he'll get more guys to help but that Harvey is done and won't be wasting his life like their dad did. Hilda arrives at the trial with the baby record book. Webster shows the court Sabrina's baptismal certificate from the church. Father Blackwood believes they are making a mockery of the court but Sabrina protests and suddenly the doors to the cellar pop open. Webster and Blackwood descend into the darkness to talk with the Dark Lord.

Sabrina talks with her Aunties outside and tells them that they can't keep secrets from her anymore. Inside, Blackwood tells the court that Sabrina may retain her mortal life. But she must attend the Academy of Unseen Arts and attend weekly Black Mass as well. Sabrina accepts the offer. Blackwood restores the Spellman's powers and Hilda and Zelda become young again. After, Sabrina invites Webster to come over and celebrate. He declines so she thanks him and gives him a hug before he leaves. Later, Zelda tells Hilda that she's been ex-communicated from the Church of Night because she took part in a Catholic baptism.

Ms. Wardwell visits Blackwood. Blackwood tells her that he's going to bend Sabrina to his will now that she's attending the academy. Ms. Wardwell says that she has a more subtle plan and is well versed in ripping apart souls. Sabrina finds Roz and leads her to the library. There Ms. Wardwell tells the group that they're creating a new secret book club where they only read banned titles. She says that she has a long list for them to go through and that each book has a little something for each of them.


Guest Starring

Co Starring

  • Richard Ian Cox as Trivium #1 (Judge)
  • Ryan Egan as Trivium #2 (Executioner)
  • BJ Harrison as Mrs. Curtis
  • Gary Jones as Trivium #3 (Jury)
  • Jett Klyne as Young Harvey
  • Nicole Geraldine Leier as History Teacher
  • Vanessa Przada as Webster's Daughter
  • Christiaan Westerveld as Infernal Bailiff


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