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Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism is the second episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the second episode of the series overall.


A legendary guest visits Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose explores a grim revelation, and Sabrina stuns the coven with a shocking announcement.


Father Blackwood has come to Sabrina's home to answer questions about her Dark Baptism. He tries to convince Sabrina that the ceremony is just a formality and isn't something that she should worry about. Sabrina asks him a ton of questions, many of them focusing on her connection to the mortal world. Father Blackwood tries to convince her that the Dark Lord isn't evil and that if she does become baptized and ends up not liking witch life, she can return to the mortal world of her own free will.

Football players continue to harass Susie. Sabrina asks the Weird Sisters if they'll help her get revenge for Susie by helping her mess with the boys. The sisters agree and together the four of them lead the boys into a mineshaft. There they cast a spell on them and make the boys think that they're making out with them but, in reality, they're making out with each other. Sabrina takes a picture of them and threatens to show it around school if they harm Susie again. The Weird Sisters continue to torment the boys despite Sabrina telling them that they've had enough.

Sabrina is left at home with Ambrose while her aunties have gone to make final arrangements for her Dark Baptism. Ambrose and Sabrina have a chat and Sabrina learns that if she does go through with the ritual it'll be hard for her to keep her mortal friends. This is because they'll grow old and die while she remains young. Because of this revelation, Sabrina goes to Rosalind's Halloween party for one last hurrah with her friends. While there she slow dances with Harvey. She asks him to not forget her when she's gone and that she hopes one day he'll be able to forgive her. She leaves the party to attend her Dark Baptism once the eclipse begins.

She goes through the woods and arrives at the ceremony. The whole coven plus her Aunties are there waiting for her. Father Blackwood officiates but Sabrina is still hesitant about signing her name in the Book of the Beast. Before she can write her name down, Sabrina sees a vision of her parents. Her mom tells her to run away so Sabrina leaves the ceremony. She runs through the woods and heads back to the Spellman Mortuary. Father Blackwood and the rest of the coven give chase. Seeing that his cousin's in trouble, Ambrose bluffs that there's a protection spell around the house and that it'll harm any unwelcome witch. The coven departs but Zelda and Hilda remain. Zelda is upset and embarrassed by Sabrina's actions.

Elsewhere, Mary Wardwell begs the Dark Lord for mercy after having failed in her mission to deliver Sabrina to him. The next day at school, Sabrina is called into the principal's office. Principal Hawthorne is acting strangely and Sarina realizes that the Dark Lord has possessed him. He tells Sabrina that he admires her defiance but that she will sign his book. Sabrina doesn't think so. He goes on to say that she can't defeat him because she is mortal and, in the end, all mortal flesh must burn.


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