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The Church of Night is a coven of witches who used to worship the Dark Lord and were led by the High Priest, Faustus Blackwood. The coven was previously lead by progressive leader, Edward Spellman, until his death. Zelda Spellman took control as High Priestess after Father Blackwood fled. The Church of Night is but one denomination within the Churches of Darkness led by the Anti-Pope.


The Church of Night is a coven of Satanic witches located in Greendale that is one of the Churches of Darkness led by the Anti Pope. The Coven came to Greendale thanks to Dorthea Putham. Over the centuries, this coven has distinguished itself as much for its progressive goals as for its brutal traditions and events. During the Early Modern Witch Trials, the Church of Night had to protect itself against witch hunters about to bring their end and sacrificed thirteen witches, known as the Greendale Thirteen, for the cause.

In the coming years, the progressive leader and High Priest Edward Spellman, who was also Headmaster of the Academy of Unseen Arts, sought to modernize the Church with a more tolerant and inclusive view but upon his death, his former mentor, Faustus Blackwood brought the old-fashioned ways back into the coven. Before escaping from internal disagreements and insubordination towards the Dark Lord and the Witches Council, Father Blackwood had established an internal faction, known as the Judas Society, and briefly renamed the coven the Church of Judas.

Judas Society

The Judas Society was a faction within the Church of Night led by Faustus Blackwood. The secret society was formed by an elite of selected warlocks, handpicked by the High Priest himself, who swore alliance and loyalty to Father Blackwood and his heir, Judas Blackwood. The main goal of the society was to subdue all the witches and placing men in charge of everything, thus ruling the Church with brutality and misogyny.

The warlocks of the Judas Society wore all-black paramilitary uniforms and acted as Father Blackwood's hitmen.

The Laws

Along with the widespread Witch Laws followed by all the Churches of Darkness, the High Priests of the Church of Night came up with additional laws.

Edward Spellman's Manifesto

In his attempt to reform the Church of Night into a more progressive coven, Edward Spellman drafted five basic laws that he intended to get approved by the Anti-Pope, Enoch of Antioch, before he was killed in a plane crash with his mortal wife, Diana. The only existing copy was believed to be lost forever until it was retrieved by Sabrina and Nick.

  1. As mortals are the God-spawn of the Earth, so witches are the Hell-spawn. They share a common home and destiny.
  2. Not only may witch-kind lay with, love with, and live amongst the mortals, it is their sacred prerogative.
  3. As Lilith was the mother of demons, so all witches must be revered as the matriarchs of the Church of Night.
  4. Magic is the Dark Lord's gift to witches. It can and should be used for pleasure, for gain, and to satiate the senses.
  5. Only the true union of mortals and their witch brethren will bring the Era of the Morningstar.

The Five Facets of Judas

A series of tenets imposed by Faustus Blackwood during his reform of the Church of Night in an attempt to re-establish the coven to its old-fashioned, narrow-minded ways. Misogyny is in open contrast to Edward Spellmanʼs Manifesto. The Five Facets are the cornerstones of the Judas Society.

  1. The Sons of Satan are the heirs of the Earth. Take what thou wilt, as is your right, by fire, blood, or deceit.
  2. Mortals are the swine of the Earth. We must not lay with them.
  3. The Sons of Satan are the swineherds of man.
  4. As Lilith served Satan, so must witches serve warlocks.
  5. Warlocks shall claim dominion in the Church of Night just as their Father rules over Hell.

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  • At the end of Part 2, the number of members is reduced to a handful of witches and warlocks because most of them were poisoned by Faustus Blackwood.


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