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Dorothea Putnam is a recurring character on on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Anastasia Bandey.

Dorothea is the ancestor of Jesse and Theo Putnam. She appears as a ghost and offers her guidance to Theo.

Early History

In 1692, Dorothea gave the Greendale Thirteen safe passage from Scotland to Greendale to escape prosecution. She transported them by boat, across the Atlantic to Greendale in which they thought would be a safe place. However, this was wrong and they were hunted once again. They were then hung on the hanging tree by witch hunters. But in spite of their kind abandoning them, they were not alone. It was Dorothea who didn't abandon them and cut them down from the tree in which they were hung upon. She later buried them on the land in which her farm stood.

Physical Appearance



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  • The name Dorothea is a Greek baby name. In Greek, the meaning of the name Dorothea is Gift of God.[1]



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