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"But that goes against everything Faustus Blackwood has ever taught us."
—Elspeth to Sabrina Spellman[src]

Elspeth is a recurring character on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

She is a witch and a student at the Academy of Unseen Arts, as well as a supporter of Sabrina's vision for the Church of Night. She is one of the witches and warlocks who got saved by the Spellman Family after Faustus Blackwood tried to poison the entire coven.

Early life

After her Dark Babtism, she joined the Academy of Unseen Arts, where she was put through the Harrowing.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 2

Getting murdered and Resurrected

At the desecrated Church, the witch-hunter Jerathmiel tells the captive witches and warlocks that the stain of Lucifer stains their souls. He tells them that God will forgive their sins if they vow to accept Him as their Saviour. He adds that their bodies will be consumed and purified by the fire of righteousness. Jerathmiel starts with Elspeth but she refuses to renounce the Dark Lord. Jerathmiel slits her throat.He then turns his attention to Melvin. As Melvin chants the prayer, his face begins to burn, causing him to collapse and vomit blood. Melvin is unable to continue with the prayer and Jerathmiel prepares to strike him down. Sabrina storms the church and orders them to stop. However, Jerathmiel shoots her with an arrow and demands that she kneels before the Lord. She refuses to submit and tries to call down fire.

However, Mehitable places a crown of thorns on her head, which prevents her from casting spells. Sabrina pleads with the Angels to let them go. Jerathmiel demands that they kneel and pray with them. Sabrina refuses. Jerathmiel then fires a second arrow at Sabrina, causing her to fall to the ground. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas are distraught. Blood gushes out of Sabrina's wounds. Mehitable steps past Sabrina.

Jerathmiel is about to continue with his prayer when Melvin says that he will choose to die over pledging allegiance to the "False God." Jerathmiel then slices his throat, causing Dorcas to scream in grief. Jerathmiel is about to burn the Weird Sisters when Sabrina tells them "That's enough!" Everybody turns to find a reanimated Sabrina levitating in the church. She demands that the witch hunters convert to Lucifer's faith or die.

Jerathmiel is defiant but Sabrina summons fire with her hands and forces them to their knees. Seeking to save themselves, the witch hunters chant the prayer to Satan. After the witch hunters have uttered the prayer, Sabrina mocks them by telling them "Well done!" before noting how quick they were in turning on their "False God." When Jerathmiel demands to know what she is, Sabrina responds that she is the Dark Lord's Sword before burning them alive in the presence of the other witches and warlocks. Prudence and the others are shocked.

Sabrina uses her powers to resurrect Elspeth and Melvin from the dead. The Weird Sisters smile triumphantly as Sabrina hovers victoriously over the fallen Angels. Harvey enters the Desecrated Church. Sabrina turns to face him, with her eyes a pale white.

Becoming one of Sabrina’s Disciples

Following the destruction of the angelic witch-hunters, Harvey carries the unconscious Sabrina back to the Academy of Unseen Arts. He is followed by the Weird Sisters and the liberated students. Nick tells Harvey that Aunt Hilda is in the dormitory. Hilda has not yet finishing patching up Ambrose yet. She panics and tells them to leave the arrows inside Sabrina until she has finished tending to Ambrose.

Nick asks Harvey what happened. Harvey tells Nick that Sabrina was floating in the air and that her eyes were white. He tells her that she did several crazy things and then collapsed as if the light had gone out of her. Nick doesn't understand what Harvey saw until Melvin explains that Sabrina slaughtered two angels while Elspeth mentions that Sabrina brought them back from the dead. Elspeth likens Sabrina to a god.In the Academy's cafeteria, Sabrina notices that the other students are all terrified of her. As she and Nick sits down, he explains that she died and brought herself back from the dead. He describes her feats as miracles. Sabrina says she has never done them before. She talks about healing her mortal friend Roz without a spell or a sacrifice. Nick explains that is not how their witchcraft works since it always involves an incantation.

Sabrina suggests that she is not a normal witch and that being half-mortal may be allowing her to tap into these mystical energies. Sabrina thinks that she was given these gifts to make the world a better place and that was why her father's vision for the Church of Night hinged on a union between witches and mortals. Sabrina thinks she has been resurrected to spread her father's Gospel. Nick warns her to be careful because the Council will not like their authority to be challenged by a sixteen-year-old girl. Sabrina vows not to be silenced but admits that she does not know how to go around spreading her Gospel.

The two are joined by Melvin and Elspeth. Elspeth asks what Sabrina was talking about and Sabrina replies that she was talking about her father's teachings. Back in the cafeteria, Sabrina tells the other Academy students that her father was in the process of reforming the Church of Night before he died. She explains that one of his key tenets was that it was the sacred prerogative for witches to mingle with mortals. Elspeth says that goes against everything that Father Blackwood has taught them. Sabrina responds that Blackwood is taking them down the path of isolation, intolerance, and xenophobia. Sabrina says that she believes that their future and survival depends on the union between witchkind and mortals.

Prudence enters the cafeteria with the other Weird Sisters and mocks Sabrina's ideas. Prudence says that mortals hate and fear witches and is astounded that Sabrina expects witches to be with them. Sabrina counters that her father married a mortal. Prudence disagrees. Knowing that she is unable to convince Prudence and the Weird Sisters, Sabrina says she wishes there could be another way. Sabrina uses her powers to cause rose petals to fall. Prudence is frightened and asks Sabrina how she is doing this. At the Spellman household, after Ambrose's execution was prevented Hilda encourages Ambrose to eat. The three share a toast. The bell rings and Sabrina reminds them of the meeting she had organized. Holding a disco theme, Sabrina receives many visitors including Roz's friends. Roz explains that church kids are drawn by food and music. Nick adds that Agatha and Dorcas also invited their friends and thinks that tonight should be a party rather than a "coming out" party. Sabrina asks Roz if she heard anything about Harvey and Theo.Back at the Spellman household, Sabrina asks Nick what her father would think about her bringing witches and mortals together. Nick says that her father would be proud of her and that he is also proud of her. She wants witches and mortals to come together. Nick supports Sabrina's decision to follow her father's doctrine. Sabrina says she is about to step off a click and thanks him for standing by her. Sabrina says it is time to show her powers to the others and asks if he will catch her fall.Sabrina addresses her friends and says that her father saw a world where witches and mortals can be together. Before she can continue, she is interrupted by Harvey who tells her that if she ever loved him to stop what she is doing and to come down right now. He implores her to come down. Roz is surprised to see Theo, who tells her that he and Harvey found something in the mines that Sabrina really needs to see.

Attempting a Rebellion against the Church of Judas

Later Faustus Blackwood addresses the Academy of Unseen Arts, talking about the assassination of the Anti-Pope, the attack by the angel hunters, and the Witches Council turning its back on them. Father Blackwood says he is willing to shield them and to guide them back to the old ways. The Judas Society unveils a statue of himself and renames the Church of Night the "Church of Judas". He commands them to look to the Five Facets of Judas for salvation and exaltation. He orders the Academy to adopt these beliefs immediately, vowing they will know "Satanic Greatness." . Later, Elspeth is dragged to Father Blackwood's office by several members of the Judas Society. They tell Father Blackwood that she tried to abandon the Church of Judas and seek out the "Apostate" Sabrina. Blackwood demands her execution but Zelda asks if it is wise to martyr this girl. Prudence supports Zelda and says that executing Elspeth would provoke an uprising. Blackwood agrees but orders the Judas boys to throw Elspeth into the Witches' Cell. Elspeth is dragged sobbing into the cells. Blackwood orders that she also be starved. He orders Zelda and Prudence to take their leave. At the Witches' Cell, Zelda brings Elspeth a basket of food and tells her that she will find a way of getting her out. She reassures Elspeth that not everyone subscribes to Father Blackwood's draconian gospel. Prudence catches them and denounces Zelda as a traitor, warning that Zelda will be spending her last days here once she tells Father Blackwood. Prudence says that she can arrange for a more comfortable cell. Zelda warns that they will all end up in the dungeon but Prudence claims that she has Blackwood's name. Zelda replies that so does she and says that Blackwood's only wish is to subjugate them. Prudence replies she is a Blackwood by blood but Zelda replies that she helped her to hide Leticia. Zelda tells Prudence that she knows the truth of her father's barbarism before walking out.

Surviving Father Blackwood‘s mass poisoning

Father Blackwood gives an embellished account of his meeting with the Dark Lord and claims that the Dark Lord proclaimed his Church of Judas as the one true Church of Darkness. The coven hails Satan and tells the coven to take part in an Unholy Communion. The witches and warlocks steps forward to drink the wine. Agatha and Dorcas obey orders to step forward as Blackwood shouts Hail Satan.

Later, Prudence asks her father if they are going somewhere. Father Blackwood tells her to pack a suitcase for the twins and to bring only necessities. Prudence asks why they should run from the Dark Lord. Blackwood angrily responds that the Dark Lord will raise that "brat" above them all. He vows not to bow down to a Spellman whore and tells her that the four of them in this room are the only ones who matter now. Blackwood says they are leaving Greendale tonight.

When Prudence asks about the rest of the Coven, Blackwood reveals that he has poisoned them at Communion. Prudence is horrified and tries to leave but Blackwood warns that leaving him now means leaving the twins forever. Prudence takes one last look at her half-siblings and vows to kill her father wherever he goes. She returns to the Desecrated Church to find Agatha and Dorcas choking on poison.

She teleports herself and the other Weird Sisters to the Spellman household. Prudence begs Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose to help her sisters and reveals that Blackwood poisoned the entire Coven. She tells Zelda that they are still alive and are at the Desecrated Church. While Hilda and Prudence attend to the Weird Sisters, Zelda and Ambrose teleport themselves to the Desecrated Church. She tells Ambrose they will save as many of them as they can. They start with Melvin and Elspeth. After the defeat of the Dark Lord and Lilith's ascension as Queen of Hell. Zelda tells Hilda that only a handful of witches and warlocks have survived Blackwood's mass poisoning. Hilda asks what they should do since they don't have a Dark Lord to worship anymore. Zelda says that they are now the Church of Lilith and that as High Priestess she will figure it out.

Physical Appearance

Elspeth is of medium height with a petite physique. She has tousled, short brown hair, clear skin, brown eyes, and a delicate figure. As a student at the Academy of Unseen Arts, she wears outfits with a preppy style that come in dark colors, and occasionally a laced collar.


Elspeth is a tenaciously brave, rebellious, and confidant witch who fights for what she believes in. She's an independent thinker and has no problems standing up to the Witch-hunters or Faustus Blackwood. After being resurrected by Sabrina Spellman, she starts to admire her and follow her example of living.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands, or even gestures.
  • Longlivity: While not apparent due to young age, Elspeth ages at a slower rate than mortals.


Sabrina Spellman


Part 2


  • Emily Haine feels that Elspeth is lost and maybe misunderstood, with not many friends. "There’s something unique about her latent friendship with Sabrina, who saves her life, that makes being resurrected a chance at being more herself than ever before."[1]


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