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"The Feast of Feasts is an annual demonstration of our devotion to the Dark Lord."
Zelda Spellman[src]

Feast of Feasts is an annual ritual, hosted by the High Priest of the Church of Night, where a witch is chosen to sacrifice her life to be feasted upon. One member from each of the fourteen families, who are selected to participate in a lottery, is offered as tribute. Thereafter, someone is made Queen, which means they offer their life and their flesh. Another witch is chosen as handmaiden and must do everything the Queen asks. This is a long-held tradition to honor the greatest sacrifice a witch, Sister Freya, ever made to save her coven from starvation in Greendale centuries ago.




Queen of the Feast

  • Prudence Blackwood (Lady Blackwood cast a spell to make her queen)
  • Mildred (slit her throat to offer her flesh)



Part 1


  • Lilith claimed that the Church of Shadows have a comparable ritual.
    • Given Madam Satan's fabricated backstory, the validity of this is uncertain.