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George Hawthorne was a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Bronson Pinchot.

He was the principal of Baxter High.

Early History

At some point in his life, he managed to become the Principal of Baxter High.

Physical Appearance

George Hawthorne is a middle-aged Caucasian male with dark hair, with an athletic build. As his position of the Principal of Baxter High, he is shown wearing a smart business suit and striped tie, as his work uniform.


Despite being the Principal of Baxter High, he is shown to be an unpleasant and unreasonable man, with little compassion or sympathy for the well-being or interests of his students.

He shows a grossly neglectful attitude towards the welfare of vulnerable students, such as when he callously told Sabrina that her friend Susie Putnam, who was being bullied, that she should simply consider leaving the school. He is also shown to rather chauvinistic, and seems to harbour a sexist attitude against female students, shown by his disapproval and refusal to allow WICCA to form, and it is possible his disinterest in investigating the Baxter High Ravens over their bullying behaviour was due to their male privilege. Furthermore, he is shown to be a very conservative man with a puritanical perspective on life, as shown by his purge of controversial literature from the school library, possibly fearing it could spread radical or revolutionary attitudes and ideas among his students. However, he does show occasional moments of decency and fairness, such as when he decided to let the school board review a banned book on Rosalind Walker's wishes.

Despite his seemingly tough and authoritarian approach to his career, in reality is shown to be rather cowardly who is easily frightened. This is shown with his severe arachnophobia, which was easily exploited by Sabrina on the suggestion of Madam Satan, as a revenge ritual for his callous attitude towards Susie's wellbeing. This magical attack terrified him instantly upon being surrounded by numerous spiders, and left him in such a state of shock and horror that he took absence from work for a few days, to recover.



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  • The name George is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name George is Farmer.[1]