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I am the Great Satan that no prison may contain!

Lucifer in Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz

Lucifer Morningstar, also known as the Dark Lord Satan, or The Devil, is the main antagonist of Part 1 and Part 2 of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is a fallen archangel and the embodiment of evil and free will, and is worshiped by witches.

Early History

Before he became the Dark Lord, he was formerly known as the Archangel Lucifer Morningstar. However, he was cast down from Heaven by God. Wandering through the desert after refusing to submit to Adam, Lilith encountered Lucifer Morningstar, who helped and she helped him heal, in return for her eternal service, Lucifer promised to one day have her sit by his side on the throne of Hell. Not long after the fall, Lucifer's Angelic form began shifting into that of a beast with a goat-like head and hooves. At some point, he adopted the name "Satan" and was worshipped by witches, whom all wrote their name in his Book, exchanging their souls for power. Millenia later, the Dark Priest of the Church of Night in Greendale, Edward Spellman, and his mortal wife, Diana, asked for the Dark Lord's help in conceiving a child, as they were unable to do so for themselves. The Dark Lord then managed to impregnate Diana, resulting in Sabrina Spellman, with whom his aim was to fulfill a dark prophecy to claim the world as his own.

When Harvey Kinkle was a young boy, he appeared to him while he was exploring the Greendale Mines, terrifying young Harvey; a traumatic memory which continues to haunt him in his teenage years.

Physical Appearance

The Dark Lord is a goat-like, humanoid figure. He has dark fur on its legs and upper body, with cloven hooves. He has a long face with sharp teeth and long, curved horns on the top of his head.


The Dark Lord is an evil being. His primary motive is to corrupt human beings, gain control of their souls and fill the world with evil and sin. He is a tyrannical and terrifying individual who demands the utmost devotion and loyalty to him from his human followers, and will stop at nothing to have Sabrina Spellman follow his path of night and sell her soul to him.

Furthermore, as noted by Zelda in her dreams, The Dark Lord is said to be a carnivore, heavily implying he has a taste for the flesh of living beings on earth, especially humans.

Powers and Abilities

  • Possession: The Dark Lord has displayed the ability to possess individuals. He possessed Principal George Hawthorne in an effort to speak to Sabrina.
  • Aerokinesis: The power to generate, control and manipulate air.
  • Glamour: The power to disguise a physical appearance.
  • Pyrokinesis: The power to generate, control, and manipulate fire. This is inclusive of hellfire.
  • Immortality: He has stated that unlike Sabrina or any other mortal or witch, he is not mortal.


  • Spear of Longinus: While there are many ways to temporarily trap or cause the Dark Lord pain, the only known way to actually kill the Dark Lord according to himself is to use the Spear of Longinus.



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  • The name Lucifer is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical, the meaning of the name Lucifer is Bringing light.[1]


  • According to Harvey, the Dark Lord smells like brimstone, which is later on confirmed by Ambrose.