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Sabrina's Dark Baptism is a supernatural ceremony that took place on October 31, the night of Sabrina Spellman's 16th birthday, under the light of an eclipsing blood moon.

A witch's dark baptism is their kind's most sacred, unholy sacrament. The oldest of their rites, witches have been performing them for centuries. According to Zelda Spellman, novitiates must be virginal for their dark baptism and that the temple of their body must be purified with a concoction of milk, eggs, rosemary, agrimony, a cupful of vanilla, a pinch of John the Conqueror root, and other unknown herbs to cleanse the body of its toxins.

A witch has to choose their familiar before their dark baptism. They often choose their familiars from a registry book, but have the option of summoning them. A witch must choose a baptismal name. A witch must also select a black goat for unknown reasons.






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  • According to Zelda, the eclipsing of a blood moon is stated to only occur once every 66 years. Furthermore, all the Spellmans before Sabrina have been baptized under a blood moon.[1]